Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Have men gotten really soft these days?

This young lady has a valid point.

Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be 9u$$ie$...


Anonymous said...

AMEN sister

Doc Feelgood said...

The Feminization of American Culture is the title of a book published in 1998, and is the first I recall on the subject. I recently had a conversation with my 2 sons, who are in their early 30's, in which I asked them if they felt that most of their contemporaries and younger were pussies. They are not, and their closest friends are not, but they are a minority. They agreed with the point that I made. I don't know what to say about what it means, but it seems to be true.

Anonymous said...

Sure, American men have become soft. Our leftist government and the globalists are behind it. They call it being "civilized," the rule of law, social order, blah, blah, but I call it the victory of feminism. When we look to the real source for the election of the American left to their present positions of tyranny, we only need to look at the breakdown of how the majority of American women vote. Feminists are Marxists. American women have betrayed their male counterparts.

mzchief said...

Blame the pussificaton of boys on the government, blame it on feminism all you want but it's the fault of absent men who've failed to teach their sons and grandsons how to be men. Who is it that didn't teach their son to change a tire, change oil, change a spigot, support their children? I know men who didn't have custody of their children who made the effort to teach their sons the manly art of being responsible for any offspring as well as how to be a good hand. The men who fall back on the lie they tell themselves "that bitch kept me from my children" are the problem. The grandfathers who didn't step up when their grandsons were sired by a deadbeat are just as much at fault. Men who stand idly by and watch a failed male's son floundering, due to not having a good example of being a man, are just as much at fault. If you're a man who doesn't like pussy-boys, step up and guide a boy to manhood.

Children learn from example, if a boy has no example of a good man, he doesn't have a map to being a good man.

Doc Feelgood said...

You make many good points, Mzchief, as usual. I would agree with your post 100% if in the following sentence you would agree to what I added in quotations.

The men who fall back on the lie they tell themselves "that bitch kept me from my children", "along with the women who expend so much effort to do so," are the problem.

I don't think one can leave them out of the equation.

When I went through that circumstance, I directed much of my energy and discretionary income to see that I remained a presence in my children's lives. It was simply the cost of sharing parenthood with her. I agree that it was my responsibility to my offspring.

When he was about 25 or so, my oldest suddenly injected this into our conversation: "You know, when I was younger, I believed many things about you that I have come to know are not true." When I asked where he got those ideas, he said "They were told to me.". "What changed your mind?"; "I've been watching you."