Monday, March 28, 2016

Are we victims or volunteers?

How very true!

 ~ The Congressional Budget Office predicts millions of employees will lose their company health care insurance plans due to premium spikes. You can pretty much bet the farm that it will take more tax dollars to subsidize the plans.

With the costs of health insurance becoming unaffordable, what company wouldn’t consider replacing employees with contract laborers? Mine is…

 ~ "If Saudi Arabia was without the cloak of American protection, I don't think it would be around." Donald Trump

Mr. Trump will not be popular on a global scale if he were to make Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia to fund our military presence there. How their world would change if we moved out and they had to furnish their own protection.

If Trump wins the GOP nomination, I predict an assassination attempt. The establishment cannot let him in, and there's too much money to be lost overseas to those we fund.

~ Do you think the President or his handlers might have been overly paranoid about his trip to Cuba? They sent a C-17 down there with an onboard medical operating room. I thought socialist and communist countries had the best health care available?

 ~ The University of California has formally condemned anti-semitism. This will not be popular with a host of foreign students; expect protests.

I believe one reason for other radicalized religions to want to annialate Jews is that it would disprove the Holy Bible. The Word states that God would bless and prosper the Jewish nation and He would protect them. Their destruction would, in fact, prove the Bible wrong.

~ A California lawmaker wants to require personal information to buy a prepaid cell phone. Once again, big brother wants to track your every move.

 ~ Wouldn't it be something if Hilary lost the Democratic nomination to someone with a more liberal, socialist agenda? This would be textbook digression for America.

~ I saw Batman in 3D this weekend and was a little disappointed. Now I know why they're promoting Wonder Woman in this flick since she provides the intrigue necessary to continue the Batman mystique. BTW, don't spend the extra on 3D, the effects weren't worth it.

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