Friday, February 19, 2016

No one is innocent!

If you wondered why the Windows 10 upgrade is free, a Forbes article claims Microsoft is spying on the user and sending them information as many as 1,000 times a day.

Would you pay a bank to hold your money in the way of a negative interest rate? Pay to save? Pay them to hold your money? Bankers are looking at the concept worldwide.

From the “I call BS” section: “With all due respect to Irene Garza’s passing — and may she rest in peace — in no way did I use her to benefit my campaign,” DA Ricardo Rodriguez Jr. on arresting a former priest for a murder in 1960.

Here’s a story on the history of Bernie Sanders that paints him as an absolute undesirable. Surely it’s not true.

A hundred years from now, when America is black, brown and yellow, ruled by Sharia law, they will still be blaming white people and the government for their problems. The painful truth is no wants to take responsibility for their own choices and situation. Ask a person who's been married 3+ times.

There is a lot I don’t like about Ted Cruz, but I will have to say, I admire him standing up for Israel and calling their haters evil. Amazing how professed Christians think they can believe only the parts of the Bible they like.

And the Donald standing up to the Pope… We now have a global $4!+storm on our hands. Donald says he’s a proud Christian. The Pope doesn’t think he’s a Christian. ‘Who is right’ for 1 billion Alex.

I'm sure the Pope will elect to tear down the walls and gates protecting the Vatican since it's a Christian act to allow poor sinners (including murders and thieves) onto your property.

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