Thursday, February 11, 2016

My opinion is seldom popular...

 ~ Kids wanting privacy and anonymity are using the app Kik for texting and connecting with others on the internet. There is a downside to online privacy and it can be deadly. Criminals and terrorists flourish by targeting the many naïve, unsuspecting victims looking for a relationship.

These are the vehicles which will cause our government to step in and remove our ability to have private communications. They will claim it’s for our protection, but they can’t protect our children from evil. That’s the job of family, friends and neighbors - a dwindling resource.

Twitter actually deleted the accounts of 125,000 members because they believed they were associated with extremism. 46,000 accounts were used by ISIS supporters. Twitter was once touted as an ‘open platform for expression’, which is great in theory, except for 1 small detail: evil is expressed through death and destruction.

How do you draw the line on who is a suspected terrorist? Does inciting civil unrest in America qualify as terrorism? Why do they cherry pick ISIS when there are many local extremist groups promoting terrorism right here in America?

~ Has Megyn Kelly’s attack on Donald Trump made her a super star among liberals? A news reporter turning towards the spotlight seems to be a conflict of interest. Her bias is obvious. I’m heartbroken.

 ~ Lady Gaga sings the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl and all of a sudden she’s become a class act. One well sung, patriotic song does not give an entertainer class, no matter how moving the performance.

 ~ The POTUS has presented a $4 trillion budget to Congress. Where will the money come from? All the votes in Congress won’t stop a government shutdown if their checks don’t clear. Printing more paper currency just makes it more worthless. 

I expect massive scare tactics in order to obtain support for his budget proposal. Terrorism, global warming, natural disasters, civil unrest, violence and crime will all be at the forefront of media propaganda, publicized by our leadership. 

You know the socialist solution don’t you. Rob from the rich (the middle class) and provide to the government. Get ready for them to access bank accounts because the majority (the 99%ers) will support it in order to stay sheltered and fed.

 ~ How better to defeat America than changing its population to those in favor of Jihad? To kill infidels and become a martyr for God is happening all over the world, what makes you think it won’t happen here? Foreigners in the land will have no problem joining a militia to enforce a new rule of law.

 ~ Bernie may think he won New Hampshire, but do not underestimate the Democratic nomination process there. The eight "super delegates" in New Hampshire have not voted and do not have to vote the wishes of the people. The well-oiled machine is also rigged.

And the craziest thought so far this year – if Hillary doesn’t get the Democratic nomination for President, would she or could she run as an independent?

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