Monday, January 11, 2016

Welcome to America
assimilation not a prerequisite.

 ~ I watched an emotion provoking video on Reason TV, (a Libertarian channel) titled “Don’t Fear The Refugees” that created a huge stir. The comments were more informative than the actual video since they reflect people who have first hand knowledge and experience with refugees.

As I read compelling comments like, "How would you know if they're dangerous, have you ever met a refugee?", I still couldn't get past the people who have personally experienced their presence, “When these disgusting hordes are knocking down your door in the middle of the night looking to rape your daughter and wife, I hope you can hide behind your ideals.

The problem with taking in Muslim refugees is similar to taking in an affectionate stray animal. He's wonderful, until you realize he has rabies and starts biting you and your family. Of course, how could you have known this was a diseased animal? Not by his initial behavior.

It doesn’t look like Germans are fairing very well after bringing in hundreds of thousands of refugees recently. On New Year’s Eve, there were 90 complaints of robbery, assault and rape in 1 city alone, by hundreds of men, in groups, with Arabic or North African appearance.

Train your daughters to carry and shoot a pistol if you prefer they not become victims. Prepare them to fight for their own survival. If you don't, you  may share the responsibility of their circumstance. Our waters are becoming infested with predators who may need to be neutralized. Eat or be eaten is not far from the truth.

 ~ In the WTF section, Sean Penn interviewed El Chapo for Rolling Stone magazine last October at his hideout in Mexico. I guess if he didn’t use a press pass, it would have been considered aiding, abetting or collusion; cops would have probably confiscated all his assets in a conspiracy charge. They may still do it...

 ~ Do you think a suicide bomber would have a problem with detonating a nuclear device? My first instinct would be size wouldn’t matter; of course, that lie has been told for countless generations.

 ~ Oil at $33 a barrel, with February and March coming up is not a good sign. It is possible to see it go under $30 a barrel. No matter what you may think, it’s gonna hurt everyone in this country and throughout the world.

 ~ The problem with being an 83 year old wealthy widow living alone on a ranch in upstate New York is you become an easy target for criminals who have no problem killing you. One less witness. A land of wolves with fields of sheep.

 ~ Here is an interesting story on how the Clintons are laundering money through their charitable foundation, last reported to contain $4 billion.


Bear said...

I don't understand how cheap energy (gas) is bad for our country. I understand the need to be self reliant when it comes to our oil supply, but if the rest of the economy seems to flourish on cheap energy, why does it hurt our country?

This is a serious question. I know in Texas, the oil industry employees a lot of people, but there are also a lot of jobs out there not energy related.

The Donald said...

It appears Deutschland's Angie Baby is having second thoughts about inviting all those guests to the party...