Friday, January 15, 2016

Have you found the missing link?
The one that makes things add up.

 ~ In his SOTU speech, the President makes a plea to "fix our politics". The idea is noble, his implementation is treasonous - executive orders, czars, circumvent the constitution and install a dictatorship. It took us 200 years to break our political process, how else would he "fix" American politics with the year he has left?

 ~ ISIS has a new way to motivate their fighters to win battles. They just take the fighters involved in losing battles and set them on fire. Not a great recruiting technique.

 ~ Talk about a good recruiting video, our "weak" troops being captured by Iranians is the most embarrassing escapade our military has been party to in quite a while.  This couldn’t have been planned better. What are the odds of both boats having navigation issues at the same time, especially when a Kracker Jacks compass would have worked.

 ~ One problem with socialized medicine, something the USA will be forced into because of unaffordability, is that when doctors strike, as is the case in England, everyone in the country is at risk. Could this be deemed “Civilized Terrorism”?

Western medicine has been corrupted by corporatism and excessive profiteering, even by non-profit institutions. Add politicians into the mix and the level of corruption escalates exponentially. Sadly, it is human beings who suffer the consequences.

 ~ Am I alone in finding little comforting knowing the United Nations is helping the US screen central American migrants? Many Democratic leaders are furious that the Obama administration is deporting those who failed to win asylum, which would be future constituents.

 ~ It is comforting to know our court system still upholds the 1st Amendment, free speech. Appeals court overturned the conviction of a veteran wearing medals he didn’t earn, a violation of the Stolen Valor Act. It is no longer a crime to impersonate a military hero, aka fraud. I guess this had to happen since politicians have been impersonating military heros for decades.

 ~ What type of justice would you recommend for the illegal alien with HIV who continually raped a minor for 5 years without telling her he had AIDs. Which do you consider most horrendous? rape, rape of a minor, habitual rape of a minor, HIV rapist or HIV endangerment.

 ~So, if you were an astronomer, why would you want to build a 40’ telescope? This article gives one of the best justifications for such an expenditure, “to find the next earth”; which still seems an impossible undertaking.

 ~ In the WTF section this week, can you imagine an America where a Harvard education is free? That's what several candidates for the Harvard Board of Overseers are proposing, especially with almost $40 billion in their endowment fund. Would this devalue a Harvard degree?

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