Monday, December 7, 2015

To Protect and Serve
Muslims are the priority

Do you realize how quickly and effectively the President gets the focus off radical Islam? All he has to do is preach on gun control and immediately public attention and media focus change.  The fear of not being able to protect ourself trumps fear of radical Islam.  It's highly effective.

This is the great distraction, the subtle disguise. Wake up, stop drinking the koolaid and smell the feces.  The obvious is hidden in plain sight, don't buy into what they're selling because it's your freedom.  Ask the French, who have some of the strickest gun laws in the world.

What is the greatest fear of US Attorney General Loretta Lynch? Not future mass killings, not domestic terrorism, not violence toward you or your family…her greatest fear is a backlash of violence against Muslims in America.

As I predicted last Thursday, the US AG has vowed to prosecute anti-Islamic speech. I posted, "This freedom is the first one that is removed from liberal progressive countries. If it can happen in France, it can happen here." Are you willing to surrender your freedom of speech?

She even told the Muslim advocacy group that if their kids get bullied at school to call the Justice Department. Do you think the Justice Department would help you or your children?

Most Americans, as well as the French people, aren’t near as concerned for the Muslim population as they are for their own family and friends. Making Muslims the victims with all this spin isn’t going to work for most reasonable and rational individuals. Blaming Christians, Bush and guns doesn't solve the problem.

Speaking on the effectiveness of gun control laws, the San Bernardino shooters paid no attention to California gun laws when they modified their gun to fire fully automatic, a very serious crime; modified it to accept high capacity magazines and didn’t purchase the weapons through legal means.

Although, progressives believe more laws will deter lawlessness, history and statistics have proven otherwise.

In reality, the gun epidemic is a fear epidemic, used to promote more dependence on big brother. The gun epidemic is actually a mental condition acquired by the fearful and faithless, incited by those who believe they can control evil, and sponsored by those who would enslave and victimize free men willing to protect themselves and their loved ones.

And thinking on a tangent, how’s that diversity in the workplace working out for you guys? A culturally diverse environment is a great utopian ideal, yet it does not prove to be successful in many cases. When belief systems collide, so do people.

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