Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Just keep swimming
Just keep swimming

Dick Cheney has condemned Trump's statement to ban Muslims from entering the USA because it goes against everything we stand for. Excuse me, but the Justice Department threatening to prosecute anti-Islamic speech goes against our Constitution, where were you that one big Dick?

How many men throughout the history of the world have uttered the words, “God is with us”. What great evil has manifested itself with this belief, which was exactly the opposite of the truth.

The Feds are all over Philly, investigating a severed pig’s head that was tossed outside a mosque. I sure hope they can stop these criminals from wasting perfectly good pigs’ heads.

I’m sure Iran is frightened now that the US is conducting a “serious review” of its second missile test. I guess the first missile they tested in October did not require a “serious review”.

Oh, and if you missed the news, Blue Cross and Blue Shield no longer offers PPO’s in Texas. If you need to use M.D. Anderson or Texas Children’s Medical Center, take your checkbook because BCBS won’t cover care at these places.

Doctors set to perform first penis transplant. I predict this to be a highly popular surgery in the future, similar to breast implants.

Okay, who in the hell is George Washington and how in the hell did he get his picture on the one dollar bill? With education in this country, I expect this question from my great grandchildren.

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