Monday, November 23, 2015

Denial, a normal state of mind

Why would we want to continue to help hundreds of thousands of foreign refugees while there are half a million homeless people in this country, 27% of the population are unemployed longterm and we can't provide adequate health care for our veterans? ANSWER- To look good.

Since we already allow 70,000 foreigners immigrate here annually, I'm not be in favor of helping  more foreign refugees until we have used our resources to provide for our people here at home. If we can't find solutions to our domestic problems, what makes us think we can help anyone else?  Our government is failing by epic proportions. 

If you want proof, look at the ultimate hypocrisy - in 2011, the Obama administration slowed down Iraqi refugees (coptic Christians) from coming here because they posed a threat to our security.  Even today, our government is deporting Iraqi Christians here illegally but seeking religious asylum. Looks like they prefer criminals over Christians.

Try being a Christian in a Muslim dominated country.  To a life insurance company, you would be uninsurable...

I find myself highly amused at what colleges are going through as they deal with activists who want to make radical changes on their campuses. Many of these colleges are reaping the fruit of their labor after indoctrinating liberal ideologies into the masses. How’s that great intellect working for you now?

“Over the last 10 years, the city [Chicago], which has about 12,700 officers, has spent more than $500 million on settlements, judgments, fees and other costs related to police misconduct, according to a 2014 investigation by the Better Government Association, a nonpartisan watchdog group.”

I have to wonder how much Chicago will spend over the next 10 years on training and resources for their police force. That money could be used to help the police force instead of their alleged victims.

I am so glad the FDA has approved genetically engineered Salmon for human consumption here in the U.S. I’m sure they have tested and researched its effects for safety.

The guy who flew a gyrocopter onto the Capitol lawn last April plead guilty to flying without an airman’s license. He actually did them a great favor showing them how easily their security could be compromised.

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Anonymous said...

Do the salmon glow? I was kind of looking forward to dining in the dark.