Monday, November 9, 2015

Are things getting out of hand?

Why would Democratic Senator Harry Reid shut down Kate’s Law in the Senate? Do they really want to let illegal aliens who commit a felony come back to the US after being deported? What’s the agenda?

Two Louisiana LEO’s have been arrested and charged with second degree murder of a 6 year old boy who was riding in the front seat of a vehicle that they chased and opened fire on at the end of the pursuit. The State Police have declined to say why they began pursuit of the vehicle, driven by the child’s father, who was critically wounded in the shootout.

After watching the body cam video, Lousiana State Police Col. Michael Edmonson said, “I can tell you as a father it was one of the most disturbing things I have witnessed.”

This Christian college criminology professor is not very popular on campus. My favorite quote, “If you are a Marxist and I just offended you, well, that’s tough. I guess they don’t make communists like they used to.”
Would someone please explain why the US Treasury Department seeking to order survival kits for employees overseeing the federal banking system. Are they turning key bankers into preppers?
If you want to see a documentary on the Hadron Collider that’s way out there, catch “Particle Fever” on Netflix. These may be the smartest people on earth, but I wouldn’t trust them to drive my car. They are building a machine that they don’t know what it will do…go figure.

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Anonymous said...

Are things getting out of hand?

Is the Pope friendly with Obama? You betcha!

Things have been out of hand since... when? 1993? 1976? 1963? It's just that these days things are blatantly, in-your-face, up-front. Good is bad and vice versa. Freedom and individuality are no longer tolerated by the PC police as well as our illegitimate government. The game is fixed.

Did you see the article about the Ivy League officials talking about shredding the Constitution?

We are headed towards civil war, my friend, and Texas is in the cross-hairs.