Friday, October 2, 2015

How to reap a whirlwind

 ~ It seems the best way to win an argument is not to participate in one. An artist who was helping paint a mural in Oakland CA for a group promoting peace and anti-violence was shot and killed at the mural site. Arguing with a hater or criminal will seldom ever be productive, promote peace or provide healing.

Good people are murdered every day, even while doing good deeds. Please keep in mind the purpose of evil is to steal, kill and destroy. Our good deeds do not make us exempt us from those who seek to stop them. Debate and argument precede many gunfights, you can choose not to participate and walk away…

I wonder how long it will take our government to disarm the civilian population? Based on the hope and change policies implemented by the current administration and embraced by many, I will set the over and under at the year 2030. Promoting civil unrest is working and victims rights will become more important than our Constitution.

 ~ In Kuwait, it’s against the law to do business with an Israeli citizen. That’s the reason a Kuwaiti airline refused to issue a ticket from New York to London. Discrimination is illegal in the US and our government contends our law supersedes theirs on our soil. If the situation were reversed, I would expect protesting and rioting…

 ~ An appeals court struck down a federal judge’s call to allow colleges to pay athletes $5,000 above tuition, room and board. Am I alone in thinking that our legal court system is being used and abused in cases where they have no business? Should our legal system and bureaucracy regulate everything that happens in America?

 ~ Jeb Bush is failing to gain conservative support with his latest statements. He wants to allow the U.S. to export oil and inferred that gun ownership is not a national right. Hasn’t he figured out that Americans don’t want to vote for politicians? Based on the last Presidency and the Trump sensation, Americans prefer egotistical celebrities who promise the world and fart rainbows.

If God sent a man to earth who could solve all America’s problems through our political system, let me assure you he would be unable to raise the $1 billion necessary to win the office. Contributors expect a return on their investment, not solutions to problems.


Anonymous said...

Why is Planned Parent still open for business? Is it because we are so afraid of voicing our opinions? Murderers, ghouls, communists, and fools.

The Donald said...

"Debate and argument precede many gunfights, you can choose not to participate and walk away…"

Discretion is the better part of valor.