Monday, October 5, 2015

Agenda or incompetence?
You decide...

 ~ While our government expresses grave concern over Russia’s military presence in Syria, the international community has condemned our military for killing at least 19 people at a hospital run by Doctors without Borders in what has been labeled collateral damage. Some are even saying that this is actually a war crime.

We must be giving lessons on how to win friends and influence people. It makes me wonder who is actually on the phone telling the Air Force when and where to pull the trigger. America has justified the taking of innocent lives for decades, hence, the world is becoming less tolerant of us. How would you feel if your family was killed due to collateral damage?

 ~ T Mobile has a public relations nightmare after disclosing where 15 million of the customers’ information was hacked through Experian. I smell class action lawsuits against both companies, possibly bankruptcy. AT&T ads have capitalized on the debacle, even though they’ve been sharing customer info with our bureaucracy for years.

  ~ Coca Cola, a big sponsor, has called for the resignation of Sepp Blatter, President of the FIFA, due to all the scandals during his watch. Over and under on his resignation – 2 PM Wednesday, Oct 9th. That kind of money will dictate this outcome.

 ~ I watched a video commentary (Extreme Language WARNING) where a black commentator expressed his views about a black woman’s irresponsible lifestyle. I was surprised he had 131k subscribers even with his aggressive form of communication full of every form of vulgarity. I don’t know if it’s effective, but it’s obviously popular.

~ Tommyboy posted on his blog, “Public Policy Polling added last month that Congress is also less popular than cockroaches, lice, root canals, colonoscopies, traffic jams, used car salesman and Genghis Khan.”

Although many don’t pay attention or believe that polls are accurate, they are for the most part, what we use to determine public opinion. I cannot disagree with the majority of those being polled that the greatest threat to our personal freedoms is the U.S. government.

I enjoy reading Tommyboy’s blog. It’s very informative on subjects that are not exactly at the forefront of mainstream media, which I tend to enjoy. His post on the Hadron Collider (aka Supercollider) being kicked off in Europe a few weeks from now sure made me wonder about the future of our planet.

This venture reminded me of the movie Armageddon when Bruce Willis asked the head of NASA what was his backup plan. I don’t envision a do-over if the operation goes south…

And he is not alone in wondering why a statue of Shiva, the ancient Hindu goddess of destruction is on display in front of CERN headquarters. It makes me wonder who is actually behind funding the project and for what purpose the machine will be ultimately used.

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