Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Check your privilege!

Privilege or contempt? What would your children say?

From the progressive playbook: How to make people comply – attack their character. Use their guilt to stigmatize them by calling them racist, prejudice, chauvinistic, sexist, homophobic or hypocritical. Since we cannot immediately prove otherwise, they use this attack to shut us up and end discussion. A lesson on how to have the last word.

Even the President said its “in our DNA” to be racist, yet he omitted the fact that people of color possess the same DNA.

On America’s college campuses, the latest buzz phrase going around is “check your privilege”. My response to that is “check your motives”. This looks to be another way to trap this generation in an entitlement mindset, invoking shame and guilt on others, while harboring resentment, anger and hate. If our soul is to be truly free, we must forgive, encourage and serve others.

Rivers of blood were shed for our privileges. England felt entitled to govern this land, which we defended the right for the privilege of sovereignty. 600,000 white Union soldiers sacrificed their lives for the freedom of slaves in this country, where’s the gratitude for that privilege? Wiping your arse on the American flag is not checking your privilege, its showing your contempt for the privilege you have been given.

Ask Mexican or African nationals what sacrifices they would make to live in the USA; to experience the privilege of our freedoms, lifestyle and culture. A place where hard work and perseverance gives one the opportunity to make a better life for himself and his family.

Casting stones by attacking the character of others only provides the illusion of superiority and terminating any reasonable discussion. It seldom produces healing and change, which is one reason it is so effective to those who are consumed by a miserable existence.

The greatest privilege I received is the gift of life. Another is living in a country that allows personal freedoms not found worldwide. If I’m not grateful for either of these, I need to check my privilege, because I am a slave to a self-destructive attitude and will not experience a meaningful, joyous life.

I fear all is lost if we don’t show our children the huge sacrifices made by our ancestors for what we possess today. Many don’t even know why we celebrate the 4th of July, Independence Day. How can we teach them to love and forgive if we demonstrate hate, anger, resentment and entitlement? Don’t expect them to learn this in school; it’s definitely not in the curriculum.

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