Monday, July 20, 2015

Apple is going green

 ~ After promising not to “monetize” the data they collect, Apple was just awarded a patent on targeted ad technology that allows them to direct advertising to individuals “based on how much money they have”. Profit seems to always undermine privacy, and this is big money.

 ~ It looks like the KKK Rally Saturday at South Carolina became fairly hostile when protesters from the New Black Panther Party confronted them. After seeing the photo, I wonder how any civilized human being could support a group whose members wear Swastikas.

 ~ Police have shot and killed 518 people so far this year, 43% did not have a gun . It looks like people who choose not to follow LEOs instructions may have a shorter life expectancy. Lack of obedience can be fatal, of course, most of already are aware of this.

 ~ Sid Bass must love Blue Bell Ice Cream. He just lent them $125 million to stay afloat after the Listeria shutdown. Of course, the Bass family gets a 33% stake in the company for this generous outlay. Let Blue Bell fold and there would be civil unrest in the south!

 ~ The Mosque in Chattanooga that gunman Mohammod Youssuf Abdulazeez attended are in fear of reprisal, which is probably not unfounded. If all white people are deemed racist, then all Muslims could be considered potential terrorists.

Shoot first and ask questions later may be policy at the US Immigration Dept. If we don’t successfully fence our borders and be more careful who we allow to live here, I fear our cities may become war zones. Can you imagine Chicago turning into an “Escape From LA” movie reality?

 ~ The Ayatollah Ali Khamenei stated that the nuclear treaty will not change Iran’s relationship with America. It’s obvious they still hate us and want to destroy us. If Iran is a terrorist nation, what in the hell are we doing negotiating with them? As much as I would like to drink the Kool-Aid, I see no positive outcome of any deal with them.

 ~ It looks like ISIS has begun using chemical weapons in its war on the world. Their capabilities are growing.

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