Friday, June 12, 2015

Yes we can...
As long as you have a permit.

It’s hard to believe an Austin mother would promote her children’s illegal behavior. Can you imagine the horror of selling lemonade illegally. Austin should be proud of their code enforcement department’s dedication to protect and serve. Twitchy

The words, ‘you didn’t build that’, echo in my mind. Now it’s because you have to have a city permit and a permit from the Health Department after inspection.  If the trade agreement passes Congress, we will be importing more foreign workers, displacing many in our current workforce.  Hope and change...

Not all computer hackers are bad guys. Four of them formed a startup to help find flaws and security vulnerabilities in companies that really need to be hack proof. Our government may need to look into using them since they seem to be the number 1 target internationally.

A Pentagon research agency awarded a Korean company a $2 million prize for winning a robotics contest. They’ve got these machines climbing stairs, operating drills, turning valves and driving cars. Looks like our government is all in when it comes to humanoid technology.

The art of deception has become a mainstay in leadership, not only in politics, but in other organizations as well. This NAACP leader has been passing herself off as an African American woman and her parents blow the whistle.

I am amazed at the ingenuity of the two prisoners who escaped from the Clinton Correctional Facility in New York. If they’re really that smart, I don’t see them getting caught in the near future. They had plenty of time to research and plan their future, hopefully in Canada. There’s a $100,000 reward in case you find them.

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