Monday, June 15, 2015

Times, they’re sure achangin…

 ~ Now that the police presence has dropped in West Baltimore, the murder rate has soared. It looks like the war on terror has come to American cities and the terrorists are locals. Looks like we will be doing our own community organizing if we want our neighborhoods to be safe.

“Residents want a strong police presence, but they also want accountability.” Accountability starts at home and with our children. Until we stop enabling rebellion, defiance and entitlement and start instilling a more cooperative philosophy, we can expect more death and devastation.

Do people really expect the police to come to a high crime area and risk their life to enforce the law when they also fear they may lose their job or go to jail because they shoot a criminal? That’s exactly what happened in Ferguson; that officer still fears for his family’s safety. This is not what will motivate law enforcement to protect and serve.

~ What was once considered treason is now considered a normal fundraising or campaign contribution. Promoting, supporting and funding organizations which incite violence and division in this country is a growing industry.

Our President leads the pack in promoting violence, even in his organizing efforts.  It's very obvious he's not hiding his agenda!  Hope and change through violence.  Where are the liberal peacekeepers?

If you need more proof, watch this video.

This is how to divide and conquer people, who are becoming too selfish to care about their neighbors.  Blood already runs down the roads of many cities.  I expect rivers of red if something doesn't change. It is coming to a neighborhood near you soon!

More craziness in our children,
who can be a mortal threat...

On a completely different note, what do you think about a bounty hunter coming into your home to arrest you and you end up dying in a gunfight? Outlaw country singer Randy Howard decided not to go peacefully and ended up in the morgue.

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