Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The show must go on...

The gloves came off in Chicago 
and the crook still won
 ~ Our President has gone from declaring that the Iran deal would keep the world safe, to his latest statement of it being “Our best bet”. Is this admission to gambling and using human lives in the wager? That’s quite a turnaround of assurances. 

VP Biden is giving his Iran sales pitch at the same location where Obama shared his counter terrorism strategy in 2013. How’s that counter terrorism strategy working so far Mr. President? All your foreign policies have been failures, you think this plan is any better? Send your house cracker to help sell this failure all us crackers. The proof is the results, which are clearly evident, at home and abroad.

I did chuckle a bit when the first rebuttal from Dems was that Rand Paul was "Too extreme" to be the POTUS.  Our current leader placed "Czars" to head his programs, that's pretty extreme in a democracy.

 ~ When will our federal government realize that if they don’t simplify our tax laws and procedures, people will revolt. Americans don’t like to stand in line, take a number or be placed on hold to speak with the IRS.

I think everyone will agree that Congress needs to act on simplifying accounting procedures in order to pay taxes. Government complexity in taxation causes excessive stress on people, which in turn lead to negative behaviors.

 ~ Life is heating up at Cornell and Barry University. “A student journalist has been suspended after capturing video of a university representative assisting in the creation of an ISIS student group.” Campus Reform. This University rep just helped the student with protocol and did not have final say in the approval of the student group. 

So Barry University suspends the honor student for “cause root of disruption” and “creation of a hostile environment”, which I believe is true.

If the University rep would have said she could not apply for the student group, they could accuse them of discrimination, which, by liberal standards, is far worse than incrimination. At any rate, both sides will become much better informed of the consequences to their actions before this is over. 

The laws, attitudes and changes in American society have become job security for the law profession; except when considering tort reform, which amounts to minimum wage for attorneys. I don’t think heaven will need lawyers since everyone is supposed to get along.

 ~ As bad as I hate lawsuits, I’m glad a Virginia fraternity is suing Rolling Stone magazine for reckless reporting! The media should be held accountable for the damage they cause to others,  due to reckless journalism.

If we could just get the MSM held accountable for their reckless reporting, we may be able to believe more of what they report. Weather forecasts would have to be exempted, otherwise they would all be subject to excessive civil and criminal discipline.

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