Thursday, April 30, 2015

Skip child support
Go to jail
Lose job

Reform is good, as long as
you don't mess with their revenue!

There is a sad cycle of desperate people going to jail because they can’t pay all their bills, fines, court, probation and jail fees. I believe many of their problems are self-induced, but once the cycle begins, the death spiral to the gutter can become a perpetual occurrence. 

Whether it’s child support or probation fees, many more people are adversely affected than just the perpetrator.  Our justice system, including Texas, does not make it easy for people on probation to keep and maintain employment.

Miss work, bring money or go to jail, no exceptions.  Yes, these are the consequences of your actions, but definitely not supportive of full time employment.  These examples are just the tip of an iceberg the size of Australia.

What percentage of government employees do you believe actually care about helping a convicted criminal end this cycle of oppression?  What percentage of government programs do you believe actually achieve a positive outcome?

What we have here, is a failure to successfully operate!

Please remember, if you don't have compassion and forgiveness in your heart, even for criminals, don't expect any when it's your turn to be judged.  You may not be guilty of a crime, but don't expect God to render a verdict of "innocent"!

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