Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Haters diguised as Christians

CHINOs = Christians in name only
Should be a popular group for people who want to use religion and the Bible to justify hate speech.  I mean really, they get to pronounce judgement on complete strangers and call them names.  Move over Al and Jesse, you have competition!

If they're a street gang, I have the perfect name: The Pharisees


Anonymous said...

The antidote for this is bullets in the head..

The Donald said...

I couldn't watch the whole thing, but the takeaway was that those folks are not representative of Christians, or 'so called' black people, or 'so called' Hispanics - they are simply idiots.

And idiots gonna be idiots.

I try to steer clear of most pi$$ing contests, but if those clowns had accosted me on the sidewalk, I would have politely told them I am not a 'so called' while people - I'm the real thing - AND, "get out of my way, a$$holes!"

el chupacabra said...

"Pharisees"- good one. Won't sting the ones who need it the most though.