Thursday, April 23, 2015

That annoying time between naps.

~ Lindsey Lohan sent this photo out to her 3.5 million followers on Instagram. The words in Arabic mean “Jackass”. I found this to be quite fitting considering the source.

~ You might want to keep in mind that swimming in North Texas lakes has become much more hazardous with the risks of alligators. I recommend keeping an eye out...

 ~ Just in case you hadn't heard, our Coast Guard is patrolling and confiscating drugs on the South and Central American coasts. Since we can't win the war on drugs in America, I guess we can confiscate it down there. Is risking the lives of our Coast Guard worth it...

 ~ So how do you cash in on being Hillary Clinton? You condemn countries like Russia for invading the Ukraine but take their money by helping them get US government contracts. The Clinton Charitable Trust is now worth over $2 Billion and growing.

 ~ If you care to know who funds Al Sharpton and National Action Network, this article names them. They are paying an insurance premium, one which insures there will not be a black boycott of their goods and services. This used to be called extortion. Before that they called it “protection” or “shakedown”. 

 ~ Insanity of the month:
"Nonhuman animals do not have legal rights any more than they have legal responsibilities. For a court to hold otherwise would have tremendous adverse legal and moral implications for mankind." BOB KOHN, a technology lawyer, after a judge in New York ordered a hearing to examine whether caged chimpanzees can be considered "legal persons."
For those of you unable to read the between the lines, if they succeed getting animals to be considered "legal persons", they will have the right to marry, as well as all other rights shared by Americans.  This cannot stop with monkeys due to discrimination against other species.  More hope and change...

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