Friday, April 10, 2015

Above the law...
Criminal & Government similarities

Caption read: "How about you start by 
listening to parents instead of mocking us?"

 ~ So far, I haven't found a Bush that could be trusted. "W" sold America on the Patriot Act, which violated our Constitution freedoms more than any one law since its inception. His father signed the Agenda 21 agreement in 1992 reducing our own sovereignty.

That being said, I would still take Jeb Bush over Chris Christy, poster boy for the RINO liners in our bird cage.  Ego trumps transparency, which puts Christy at the bottom of my list.

Most Americans expect not finding an honest liberal politician, the Clintons setting the best example.  Conservatives on the other hand are supposed to maintain certain levels of integrity and ethics.  But alas, they're all selling us out.  Today, I would have more faith in Forrest Gump for President.

 ~ Do you remember that little amendment in the U.S. Constitution protecting your right to own guns? Did you know that several law enforcement agencies across this nation ignore that law/right? You don’t hear much about this in the main stream media! 

If law enforcement can’t set the example of abiding by the law and our Constitution, they should not expect the respect U.S. citizens.  Many are rapidly losing faith in the system. When an officer becomes the judge, jury and executioner, he should expect disobedience, rebellion and anarchy.

Every American, especially Christians, should oppose and fight injustice, whether imposed by criminals or government.  We fought this fight against England, Germany, Japan and even between our own states.  This is not any different!

 ~ Does it bother you that Congressional leaders are enabling layoffs by importing foreign workers to take the jobs of Americans just because they're willing to work for less money.  Bad enough we send jobs overseas, now they're actually creating more layoffs.

Even though 10 Senators are seeking an investigation into foreign worker visas which led to layoffs, two of them are trying to increase the number of visas from 65,000 to 195, 000. They have cosponsored a bill for exactly that purpose.

I believe if we follow the money, they will support the lobbyists who pay them the most.  "Going postal" may be changed to "Going ITech".

 ~ Obama rates Obamacare an 8 on a scale of 1 to 10.  Customers on Yelp, rate it 1 out of 5 stars. You should read the comments, it’s a horror story for hundreds, probably thousands!  Odds are we will all get a piece of the craption soon.

I expect headlines to soon read, "3 million insured through Obamacare, results: 50 million insured cannot afford to go to the doctor".

 ~ Iran's Khamenei demands all sanctions end when nuclear deal signed. This is Iran's way to show the world they were victorious and did not bow to the western infidel occupiers.  They never intended to agree with anything, this actually will help them recruit more fighters and funding.

Iran won the day we offered to negotiate.  But we did change our foreign policy and negotiate with terrorists.  That's a big win for Iran, but not the Iranian people.  This administration can claim they did their best but were undermined by house Republicans.  Dems can now pass the buck, which is success to a liberal.

 ~ I wish the media would stop trying to get an apology out of Harry Reid for lying about Mitt Romney so as to destroy his chances for Presidency in 2012. The intent was to cause harm and it fulfilled its purpose. You cannot force remorse, regret, guilt or shame.  The day will come when Mr. Reid will give an account for his actions. I pray you don’t experience his outcome!

 ~ Speaking of jobs, this is the best piece of propaganda put out by our government so far this month. Pure deceit! If you prefer to keep your blood pressure low, I suggest you NOT read this article. Supply and demand determine cost, whether it be employee wages or consumer goods. Our government is not able to dictate otherwise...yet.

 ~ Based on what I've read and heard in the media, North Charleston, SC police department and city officials are just as guilty in the killing as the officer by allowing him to carry a gun.  A complaint was filed by a man he used a tazer on at the victim's home.  An investigation was made, but investigators never even spoke with the victim.  That's called complicity where I come from!

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