Monday, March 30, 2015

Are our leaders true Patriots?

A journalist who defected from Iran was quoted as saying that the U.S. negotiating team for the nuclear talks are actually just a mouthpiece for Iran. Based on what I’ve seen, it sure looked like we’re in the tank for Iran. 

And just so you know everyone is on the same page, the United Nations named Israel as the worst human rights violator… not North Korea or Iran. A blind, deaf, mute could see the writing on the wall. Iran has purchased a great amount of support! 

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Four black police officers killed in seven days, where’s the outrage? If #blacklivesmatter there would be a rage of protests for these men!  Maybe it should be changed to #criminalblacklivesmatter

A Colorado school removed the Confederate Flag during Diversity Week due to a complaint.  I thought a Confederate Flag was proof of diversity, what a crock.

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What happens when a Yankee Governor makes Welfare recipients do 20 hours of community service or vocational training a week to be eligible for their check? Over 75% decide they don’t need the money that bad…“due to an unwillingness to better themselves”. In the state of Maine of all places. I’d vote for this Governor for Prez!

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I was blown away by a fascinating article about the federal supermax prison in Colorado that a former warden described as “a clean version of hell”. Given an option, I would choose a firing squad.

Although we live in what’s considered a civilized society, there are very many people who are ruthlessly cruel, some criminal and some in positions of authority. I understand criminals can be sociopaths, but when they are prison guards I am astounded.

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Our military is budgeting $3 billion to start for 3 new Air Force 1 planes. I don’t know anyone who spends more money than the U.S. Government.

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The LGBT community in Indiana is not happy over the new state law promoting religious freedom. The real question, in my opinion, is which is more important: religious freedom or LGBT rights.

The RFRA was signed into law in 1993 by Bill Clinton. 19 states adopted it.  Black owned T-shirt companies don't have to sell the KKK racist shirts, Jewish businesses don't have to sell swastikas to Nazis, ect...

LGBT should not be exempted because they're special!  There are 30 or so other states that haven't adopted the law.  They should think about moving there so they can have the government force businesses to support them.

The line is being drawn and tested as to religious freedom, something the Constitution protects. Will Americans be forced to enable, perpetuate and support behavior contrary to our beliefs? What other freedoms will be taken away if this is removed? Progressivism, by definition, never ends.

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Many communities in the New England states are opposing natural gas pipelines.  Sounds like the future up north will be colder, inside and out.

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REVIEW: If you like really great Chinese food, when in the Keller/Watauga area, do yourself and your tapeworm a favor and try “Taste of Asia” on North Beach Street. These people use fresh ingredients and highly advanced techniques! Price wasn’t bad and service was excellent!

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The Donald said...

I got a kick out of some company that was considering moving to IN saying that they were reconsidering due to this law. Did I mention that the company, prior to this kerfuffle, was demanding $18.5M in tax incentives (corporate welfare) to locate in the state. I guess now they'll have a cover story if they're told that IN taxpayers aren't going to subsidize them.

I've eaten at Taste of Asia three or four times and enjoyed it.