Wednesday, February 4, 2015

1 of 6 billion

Since Britain is taking the first initiative publically to make designer babies, I predict our President will follow suit and ask for gazillions to pursue his precision medicine program. Then, on the horizon, maybe some human cloned drones.  

Another prediction, those poor Cubans escaping to America will probably be sent back now that we have restored diplomatic relations.  We can't deplete them of their slaves workforce.

Although I choose not to watch it, I believe the video of ISIS burning their hostage should be available for public viewing for the same reason they filmed the aftermath of the Jewish holocaust after the war. Proof of their actions should always be made available, because like the holocaust, groups will deny it ever happened.

One thing about ISIS, they are running low on hostages. If people know they kill all hostages, they will either fight back immediately or be reconciled to die. That’s pretty good motivation to fight back, since it’s the only chance to survive.

I have also formed the opinion that the Taliban changed their name or created a separate division - dba ISIS. If their organization disconnects from the violence they can become a viable political party. Our President has refused to call the Taliban a terrorist organization.

Vaccinations save lives, hundreds of thousands of lives. That being said, I am very concerned that the first in line to refuse to take them are the children of those who actually create and test them. It should put the nation on DEFCON 5!

Speaking of DEFCON 5, if we publically supply arms to Ukraine, it could be a possibility. It’s time to choose our fights and allies wisely, something we haven’t been doing lately.

I would not like to be answering to the boards at Walmart, Walgreens and Target about what’s in the bottles of vitamin supplements they’ve been selling. That screw up will cost hundreds of millions in lost revenue and damage to their reputation, on top of what the State of New York is going to fine them.

Gov. Christie is using Hilary’s playbook and enjoying first class travel and accommodations provided by the elite of the world. I wonder if they will expect him to return the favor?

Gas prices going up due to stikes at the refineries. Unions had to get their cut and their timing was perfect.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Denney -- you can't believe anything you hear and see on the news these days. The art of SPX is astounding. There are computer programs to filter out video objects in real time! There are camo materials that mimic invisibility! Flames and beheadings in the desert, UFOs above Phoenix and Washington, honesty in politics?

Who is ISIS anyway? I've read from numerous sources they are funded by the CIA. The supplying of their troops by US Forces has been documented!

What is going on in the world is not so astounding if you pay attention to your Bible. The corruption only multiplies from here on out. Be not of this world. Have faith, brother. Do not be deceived by false media and the hysterics of small town lawyers.