Friday, February 27, 2015

“Allahu Akbar”
Just wait till you meet Him!

When did an all powerful deity (God) need mere humans to defend His honor and dispense His justice? 

As memory serves, God has the ability to singlehandedly wipe out entire armies and civilizations: disease, plague, pestilence, flood, famine, fire and brimstone… 

If we believe He actually needs our help, then either our faith is weak or He must not be all-powerful. 

History has shown over and over that those claiming to be the “right hand of God” by using violence or aggression were actually demonstrating evil. 

Evil is a very broad concept, whether an attitude or an action. Some define it as mental illness, others as possession of a spirit. 

Whether you recognize it or not, if you have lived long enough, you have  witnessed it.  Many times, masquerading as the will of God.  And sometimes, even within ourselves.

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