Thursday, January 15, 2015

Freedom of ___________.
Who decides? ______.
A. The government
B. We, the people
Suggestion: choose very carefully

I guess this is the winter for a record number of ski lift accidents. Looks like more people are losing their fear of flying. But alas, a few hours of pain for a 5-6 figure check and a great Youtube video could be incentive.

After the Paris attack, freedom of speech and freedom of expression will be high on the media’s ideology agenda in coming months. I wonder if the media will extend this agenda to conservatives after several media outlets extended it to activists.

The French government isn’t swayed by freedom of speech and expression since they are reportedly going to try a French comedian for a joke in very poor taste, claiming it glorified terrorism. You know you’ve told an incredibly bad joke if you get 7 years in prison for it.

Taking the high road, the U.S. criticized the Saudis for its prison sentence on a human rights lawyer. Yahoo What? No freedom of speech in Saudi Arabia? Did they not get the Whitehouse memo? Human Rights lawyers are not subject to rule of law!

Someone needs to remind the State Department that when they get in bed with another government, it's for mutual benefits, not imposing values or dictating policy. Of course, after watching our leaders bow low before them, it's obvious who controls the affair. American politicians can only kiss so many butts before it leaves a stain.

Where’s the United Nations when we need a freedom of speech advocate? Oh, that’s right, most of the UN membership does not acknowledge the right of freedom of speech or expression. That’s okay, many of them don’t acknowledge there was a holocaust either.

Legalized theft: $13 Billion in aid to Haiti and 85,000 still living in tent cities. Our government in action along with foreign aid organizations demonstrate their efficiency in graft, fraud and corruption. The American people demonstrated generosity and trust, expecting to export hope and change, but the change went in someone’s pocket. NBC

Both sides of the aisle in Congress are looking at raising the tax on gasoline since the cost is down. At least the Dems are up front about it, the GOP will scream and throw fits about raising taxes…up until the day they vote to do it. What a show. USA Today Please prove me wrong!

The GOP is stirring conservative constituents with Congressional term limits. Although completely unrealistic, a long list of opponents will be great ammunition in the next election, which includes a new President. The Blaze

Has Vegas set odds on an executive order allowing the President to remain in office? Or martial law that would keep him at the helm?  I think you might be surprised how much action that bet would get, with the right odds.  How high would the odds have to be for you to put $10 on it?

Secret Service gets housecleaning. A scathing report by a DHS-appointed panel in December concluded that the agency was suffering from low morale among the rank-and-file and was “starved for leadership.”‘ Washington Post 

“low morale”??? “starved for leadership”???
Welcome to hope & change in American!

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