Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yes, some days I'm still
proud to be an American

Just when you thought we were safe from another home mortgage bubble, the Feds look to create the ideal conditions for it to happen again! Feds announce plans to ease tight credit allowing more people to qualify for morgates! By definition, this is insanity. Don’t take my word for it, read it in the New York Times
Speaking of banking, loans and interest rates, lawmakers in at least 8 states have allowed the loan industry to raise fees and interest rates charged to borrowers with subpar credit. They attribute these changes to a surge of campaign donations through a lobbying push. There is no telling where this rabbit hole will lead…probably more bankruptcies and lawsuits. This has got to be banker & lawyer heaven. The Times has more…
Lawmaker(s) – the politically correct term now used by mainstream media due the negative connotation and perception of the term “politician(s)”.
Here’s a great “no-brainer” question. Why would President Obama delay his entire agenda until after the midterm elections? My first thought consists of one word – unpopular. Fox Nation
Part of me wonders (the sick part) who will be the first to be eliminated if or when the SHTF in America. Bankers, lawyers, politicians, preppers, Christians, Muslims, Jews, minorities ect… I guess looking at the history of Nazi Germany would probably be a good indicator.

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ZetaTalk Insight 2/1/2014: Who will the public blame when they realize they have taken out mortgages on properties in cities due to become unlivable, along the coastlines and in low lying areas? One day the senior banking executives are encouraging the status quo, encouraging the public to become indebted to the bank, and on the next day savings withdrawals are to be restricted and, no doubt, homes foreclosed if the mortgage payments are not made. This forces the public to live in unsafe areas, to work jobs in unsafe areas, or lose their investments entirely. This was of course all by design by the elite of the world, who want the common man to continue as their debt slaves.