Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Stop taking life
so seriously...

I’m not sure what to think about Jeb Bush for President. I was a supporter for his dad and his brother, but was not happy with many of their actions. I guess there is no hope that America will ever again see a true conservative in the White House. It’s like, let’s elect the one who will tell us what we want to hear and will spend the most money!
I noticed that a friend of the Boston Marathon bomber was convicted of 2 counts of lying during the bombing investigation. He could get up to 8 years on each count. If politicians were held to this same standard, virtually all of Congress would either be doing time, or make up the largest choir in the city…everyone would be singing!
Lord forgive me, but I find it quite laughable that the person who led the DHS’ review of the Secret Service prostitution scandal quietly resigned last August after being implicated in a prostitution scandal of his own. That’s one way to shut down an investigator!
I wondered why everyone got faster phone internet speeds than I did, until I saw where the FTC has accused AT and T of reduced speeds for those with unlimited data plans. Those evil SOBs!
What type of mindset must one possess to be an “immigration activist”? With unemployment at 23%, 50 million people on food stamps and crime and terrorism at an all-time high in America, why would anyone condone, much less promote and justify, illegal entry into this country?
Am I the only person who believes that as soon as they neutralize ISIS, another cleric or sect under a different name will rise up to take over media attention and attract a new jihad. Have you thought about all the organizations of the past that are still active? Maybe the new ones are just spin-offs of the PLO, al_Qa’ida, Hezbollah or one of numerous others that the US State Dept considers foreign terrorist organizations.
And just when you thought beheadings were out of style, they come back in fashion! I’m sure many will point at its popularity in Muslim culture, but it takes a pretty heartless bastard to cut someone’s head off by hand!  So much for the precious gift of life... 


Anonymous said...

Until the U.S. legalizes the growing of Hemp (both non-psychoactive and psychoactive) coca, and poppy, we will have illegals fleeing drug gangs/criminals to the U.S. for safety. As service-to-other humans we can't deny them freedom from the gangs/criminals. These natural plants are here for humans to use for medicinal and psychological reasons thought necessary by our creator(s). More potent psychedelics (natural) are also meant for us, to use responsibly.

Anonymous said...

War is a Racket. From year 1935.

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