Thursday, July 3, 2014

Book Review

So I'm reading the book "Counting To God" by Doug Ell, MIT graduate who majored in math and physics.  He is also an attorney (which may be a discredit to his level of intelligence [humor]).  The cover of the book describes it as "A personal journey through science to belief."  
I'm about 50 pages in and find it very interesting.  Someone actually using the latest science to show that intelligent design (God) is much more probable than Scientism (life was just an accidental phenomenon).   
Some of the highlights I find interesting are:  
The quote that "science progresses one funeral at a time"; implying that new theories and ideas usually have to wait until the ruling science community die before other ideas can be objectively discussed.   
Another was the statement/comment that America is the only highly developed country where God can be questioned but Darwinism cannot. College professors who entertain the notion of intelligent design will not gain tenure at most prestigious schools.   
Lastly, of note, was the concept that it is not by accident that several of the greatest scientific discoveries of the 20th century came from "outside the box".  One man responsible was from Switzerland and his title was "patent clerk third class".    His name was Albert Einstein. 
I'm still taking my time and enjoying the book, whose brief history lesson on great names in science continue to show how they were almost always "mostly" wrong.  I may be reading the book just as a reminder that even the most highly intelligent human beings on earth aren't always right; that there is no disgrace to hold my ground my belief in intelligent design.  Hopefully, this book may provide ammunition, other than outright faith, to show science may discover proof of God...


Anonymous said...

God's Not Dead (2014) is a fairly good movie about a college student and an atheist professor of philosophy.

Anonymous said...

I heard today (7-17-14) that Stephen Hawking is criticizing Israel for their defense of their own people.

Another proof that intelligent people are not always right.

Anonymous said...

When you get a chance check out

I'm glad you introduced me this book. I can wait to read.

And as always..... It's not science vs the bible, it's science working with the bible.