Friday, March 21, 2014

Once again, our government helping
foreign companies in the name of security...

I found this article amusing at first, but after more thought, it just helped me realize how much our government is doing to hurt American business. Many Americans don’t care about their right of privacy, feeling they have nothing to hide, yet I thought we had certain rights under the U.S. Constitution…that were taken away through the Patriot Act.

Even though we may have the best high-tech companies in the world, if you can’t trust them with your information, they are the last choice. I find it sad that we must use an overseas email service instead of Gmail or Yahoo to guarantee our government is not monitoring our communications.

And although I don’t have anything to hide, it’s still none of their damn business…



Anonymous said...

What is simply astounding is the penchant for our "progressive" friends to claim the right "to be left alone" while those they voted into office trample the rights of all of us. It's about power, pure and simple. They believe themselves better and smarter than the rest of us. We are, so they think, incapable of making decisions for ourselves.

I, however, am an equal opportunity anarchist. I accept that those on the right are also in it purely for the pursuit of power. Fortunately for them, they do know how to manage a business enterprise, even if it is cold-blooded and cut=throat.

The history of freedom in America is not ending well, is it? Omigosh! The truth is, it ended years ago before most of those reading this missive were born!

Yes, indeed. Nastiness certainly appears to be headed our way. The experiment is over. The bad guys won.

Anonymous said...

So DC, what are some of the overseas email services that are not monitored domestically?

Denney Crane said...

It is my belief that all are monitored, but many don't have to abide by a U.S. court order to open their files and disclose information. Some U.S. companies disclosed information without a warrant or an order.

Read the article, do the research. Don't trust me, or anyone for that matter, to have all the answers.

Information is power. There are many governments and hackers who can expose millions of people concerning their affairs, theft and illicit activity with this information if they so chose...