Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Reduce your taxes?
Not a chance!

MORE MINERALS – County commissioners learned Monday that $200 million in mineral values were added to the appraisal rolls for 2009 through 2012. Auditor Ann McCuiston said with a 98 percent collection rate, that means an additional $742,420 in tax money for the county. The “windfall,” as it was described by County Judge Bill McElhaney, will allow the county to allocate extra funds to each precinct, put some in general fund and tuck some away for capital projects. Wise County Messenger Update
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Sorry, but they're going to spend it, not reduce your taxes. Because that's what government does when they come across extra revenue... Sadly, they tell the departments that if they don't spend all the funds budgeted to them, they can expect less money for the next year.
What a lesson in stewardship and leadership. They actually think it's their money; not yours, mine or ours.  Even worse, they think they're helping people by providing more services when all they're actually doing is making people more dependent on government.  


Anonymous said...

Power and position are intoxicating. Are they giving away iphones yet? I needs me one of them.

Anonymous said...

They also do not account for it acceptably. Absent/ineffective controls. Unbelievable that at this date, a single individual had the sole responsibility for the cash in the adult probation office and was absconding with cash for some 3 years undetected, to the tune of $125,000. Someone above her had to have been ignoring policies that are surely in place, and certainly recommendations from auditors regarding acceptable practices. How were people on parole/probation/whatever receiving credit for their payments? Ineffective accounting/auditing and who knows what else? TODAY, for crying out loud. And sure, she stole it, but no one higher up has any responsibility?

Anonymous said...

Most of those guys in city government know how to CYA, except for Terry, I guess.