Wednesday, November 14, 2012

More Taxes & More Spending
Bigtime! Beginning January 2013!

WASHINGTON — President Obama reassured leaders of labor and progressive groups on Tuesday that he will not yield to Congressional Republicans and extend Bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans as he negotiates for a deficit-reduction plan to avoid looming tax increases and spending cuts. New York Times
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At the heart of this grand deception, is that the targeted "wealthiest Americans" are you, the middle class. If you didn't know, it is you, the middle class, who still possess the bulk of America's wealth. 
It is you, the middle class, who have always paid America's debts. It is also you, the middle class, who will soon be working from January though June or July just to pay your taxes; inflation should pretty much eat up the rest.
Hopefully, you weren't so naive as to think that the ultra wealthy 1% would allow the government (which they control) take away their wealth...
What is most troubling to me, is that our government will not use this money, long term, to reduce the deficit.  National crisis and disasters will continually occur, whether manufactured or not, so as to give valid reason to increase government spending and exceed income.  (I would have said budget instead of income, but our government doesn't have a budget any more.) 
Not only will the President be able to blame Congress, but Congress will blame Congress, which has already begun!  Odd though, that the same ones get reelected...
Bankers and creditors will continue collect your wealth (through the Federal Reserve, IMF and special interest groups) keeping their eye on the prize, government control. History has proven, hungry people are much easier to control...
But, as always, I could be wrong... DC


Anonymous said...

Yes. I noticed where the Decatur Fire department latched onto a $800,000 Fed teat for the county's radio system. I guess continued "deals" like this will guarantee local law enforcement loyalty when the SHTF. Yes, the locals will starve but the feds will have radio comms in the heart of Texas.

Here's a surefire way to reduce taxes -- quit working. I'd rather be homeless than to continue to finance our corrupt federal government.

The globalist plan is working. You and I are slaves and not even well-paid at that. I keep hearing people ask, how did we get here? Easy enough. American men have become cowards, "sensitized" by political correctness and guilt-driven by an equally corrupt press. Our women have been split from us by promises of gender power and the ridiculous notion of equality. The state takes care of our women. Husbands are no longer required. Our faith is under attack and the attack is driven by government policies.

The only revolution we've seen is the globalist, socialist play for the leadership of this country. The cowards who live in my country, in my county, have exchanged a little bit of authority and false security for the God-given right to be free. And they keep taking whatever the fed offers. What insanity is this? Idiocy in action.

Anonymous said...

I'll go along with that, except for the quit working part. At least not yet. But I'm sure I will quit sooner because it will get worse.

TommyBoy said...

The "quit working" suggestion is not my idea although I have successfully put it into action. Who is John Galt?

Anonymous said...

1:14 here.
And we continue to allow the pompous-ass-who-does-not-face-reelection to act as though he controls this. He has no more authority than you or I unless Congress yields to him. Nothing happens on spending or taxes (undoing the Bush repeal of the Clinton tax increases, which actually the R majority Congress implemented by yielding to Clinton)unless Congress (Boehner) wants it to happen. Until Obama's first midterm election, and for the 4 years prior, 2 of W and 2 of Obama, The D's had a super majority in the House, and a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. It is what it is because they want it this way.

Anonymous said...

"John Galt": loved Atlas Shrugged, but I disagree with the totality of Objectivism. I'm in for supporting bums who don't attempt to provide for themselves for a very limited time. We all need a second chance, but cradle-grave support is ruining us all.

Anonymous said...

I offer a solid proposal. Quit working, do not pay taxes. How are you going to make a living? Figure it out. I did. We cannot continue to finance this insanity.

I was not seeking a philosophical discussion on the merits of objectivism, rather offering a way out without the use of violence.

I do believe, however, that the past administrations, both Democrat and Republican have worked toward reducing freedom and incorporating (and legitimizing) fascism. If the presidency becomes a dictatorship, houses of congress won't matter.

Additionally, the cries of racism have only become more shrill. The truth is, if you're a white male, you've been marginalized as a citizen and as a voter. Poor whites are the new American nigger.

Oh, did he say nigger? Yes, I did, in order to make a point. Obama's administration is leading a very quiet cultural campaign against white males. Especially those in the South. Do not let them make us into what they are. Fight it.