Thursday, November 1, 2012

Annihilation of the middle class?

by Eric Bolling  
President Obama had us all fooled… until now! Here’s how the scam works. 
Banks are allowed to “borrow” from the fed at virtually zero% (0%). they then take “our” money and loan it right back to the government, a risk free handout to the banks, from us. The bank’s loan some of our money to the middle class and poor at 4% or 5% whatever they can get. Home loans, car loans, etc., that’s more free money to the banks. And, what they can’t loan, they throw into the stock market… in bundles of billions of dollars… driving up stock prices. 
All these gimmicks create huge profits for the banks, printing and loaning trillions of dollars keeps interest rates at zero. Obama and Bernanke keep telling America low interest rates are good for the economy. 
The banks and traders are getting richer and the poor, the middle class, retirees and pensions are being taken to the slaughter house. 
The bottom line, President Obama is exactly the opposite of what he is selling the American public… he is the friend of the fat cat bankers, brokers and thieves and a cancer to the neediest among us. 
For exact details, read more at Fox Nation


Anonymous said...

"...What benefit, truly, are the virtual gambling casinos that go by names such as Stock Exchange, Commodity Market, or Bond Market? This benefits those who can manipulate faster, or with a more clever sleight of hand, but benefit the overall not one wit. These activities are in fact parasitic on the overall, as the operators must be fed and housed, yet contribute nothing. Often, in fact, they benefit at the expense of the very people who should benefit - those who produce. The principal beneficiaries of money gambling arenas are those already wealthy, who hire clever gamblers who in the main stop at nothing to succeed. The laws governing this activity do not stop lies, theft, or evasion of regulation. This is due to the pressure and inducements that the wealthy place on legislators. The little guy loses, again. ..." Per the Zetas

Anonymous said...

These "markets" work to set prices in a capitalist system. Conversely, would you prefer government to set prices on commodities? Do you understand how the free market works?

Who are the Zetas?

Little guy loses again? Well, dang it, the little guy is going to have to try harder. FREE market!