Sunday, October 28, 2012

Madonna booed after touting
Obama in New Orleans Concert

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — Madonna drew boos and triggered a walkout by several concertgoers after she touted President Obama on her "MDNA Tour" in New Orleans. 
The Material Girl asked during Saturday night's performance: "Who's registered to vote?" She added: "I don't care who you vote for as long as you vote for Obama." Drawing boos in touting Obama over Republican Mitt Romney, Madonna followed: "Seriously, I don't care who you vote for ... Do not take this privilege for granted. Go vote." 
Madonna is often outspoken. Some Colorado fans, mindful of a mass shooting there, complained she used a fake gun to shoot a masked gunman in a recent concert act in Denver. A Madonna concert in Paris in July drew ire when a video showed a swastika on a politician's forehead.  USA Today
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I know of nothing more debasing than a performer being booed during a performance.  It seems she's not performing for a bunch of mindless teenagers any more...some of her fans may not be better off than they were 4 years ago.  Maybe there weren't a lot of people at the concert on welfare, food stamps or had Obamaphones... 
She may not consider "redistribution of wealth" has affected her income YET...but based on ticket sales and now this incident, either her popularity is heading south, people don't have the money to attend or she is becoming irrelevant in today's culture.  
That Beverly Hills ideology doesn't go very far in the south, particularly while the POTUS is creating division and discord among American economic classes and other groups as well. 
I did notice she's performing in South America starting the end of next month.  Is it courage or greed?  I wonder how much security she will need and the amount of "Kidnap & Ransom" insurance they will purchase for her.

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Madonna sucks anyway.