Friday, October 19, 2012

Romney can't win without Ohio?!?

Or so claims the super PAC "Tea Party Victory Fund" in this email I received this morning...  Yea, the ad (in a previous post below) was effective enough for me to make a contribution (put my money where my big mouth is) as well as share Mr. Blackwell's plea to conservatives. If the fight is in Ohio, I'm going to help take the fight to Ohio!  

~ ~ ~
Dear Patriot, 

Mitt Romney can't win the White House if he doesn't win Ohio. That's where we come in. 

Our new TV ad has Democrats terrified. They don't want you to see this.

Because they know that it could cost Obama the White House. 

And now the liberal media is closing ranks to SHOUT DOWN our ad. The NY Times, the Nation, Daily Kos, and Think Progress have all denounced it and started a name-calling campaign to pressure it off the airwaves. 

Why are liberals so terrified of our TV ad? Two reasons.

1) This TV ad is EFFECTIVE. It is moving swing voters against Obama. 
2) It is running in the must-win state of Ohio – the state that will decide the election. 

I’ve been elected statewide in Ohio three times, twice as Secretary of State and once as State Treasurer. I know Ohio voters well. And I know that this TV ad is political kryptonite for Obama. 

This TV ad captures in 30 seconds what this race is about. President Obama’s dependency agenda of handouts, food stamps, and welfare that turns citizens into wards of the state... 


...The Republican agenda of hard work, individual responsibility, and the shared prosperity that comes from a rising tide lifting all boats. 

Ohio is the key to winning the White House. Obama has no plausible path to victory if he loses Ohio. Defeat Obama in Ohio, and he loses. Period. 

Our TV ad is pushing Obama closer toward defeat. We’ve already racked up 300,000 online views and it’s spreading like wildfire. 

It’s so popular because it resonates with voters and, unlike just about every other ad out there, voters will remember this one when they show up at their polling place on Election Day. 

That’s why the Democrats and their liberal media allies are screaming to have our TV ad YANKED. 

I refuse to pull our ad. In fact, I need your help. 

Right now the ad targets the Youngstown, Akron, and Toledo media markets. But I want to blanket the state and run it in the Cleveland, and Cincinatti, markets as well. 

We need to do it in the next 48 hours. 

Help me get this TV ad on the air in more markets. Join me today! Don’t let the liberal media get away with their “shame and blame” tactics for shutting down conservatives! Don’t let them silence us! 

Help me go over their heads and connect straight with Ohio’s swing voters. 

I know our TV ad is the single most devastating attack on President Obama’s failed record so far. With your help we can make it the turning point of the election both here in Ohio and the nation. 

Join me in raising $51,824 in the next 48 hours to make Barack Obama a one-term president. 

For America, 

Ken Blackwell 
Chairman, Tea Party Victory Fund 

P.S. If swing voters see this ad in Ohio, Obama will not be re-elected. It’s that simple. Help me get it on the air statewide in Ohio today!


Anonymous said...

ve been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You have made my day! Thx again

Anonymous said...

Donate Away "A sucker and his money are soon parted" :) We just got done phone banking 8000 households in Ohio and 7000 in Florida and the Obama supporters 5 to 1.

When will you Tea Baggers ever learn that radical right wing extremism will never work other than on the uneducated voter and racist.

Okay Republican Trolls you can start screaming in 3 .. 2 ... 1 ... Now !!!