Monday, September 24, 2012

Ryan booed, Obama cheered
at AARP conference

NEW ORLEANS - The audience reception for President Obama and Paul Ryan at Friday's AARP convention couldn't have differed more: Obama won cheers for discussing his signature health care law, while Ryan drew the most aggressively negative response he has faced as a GOP vice presidential candidate for vowing to repeal it. CBS News
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I fervently hope that these same people, as well as all those who support the current Healthcare Reform Act, remember their actions when they experience mandatory “end of life” counseling.

WE will be told there are insufficient resources for younger people and it will be OUR duty to die. Then, a death panel will decline to pay for a life-saving procedure, thereby helping US carry out OUR duty…to die.  

Talk about taking people out of retirement...

But, if you got the cash (aka: resources), you can privately pay the expenses, until you run out of money...  Hide and watch!  DC

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