Monday, September 3, 2012

Let's Praise Muslims
and the Holy Qu'ran!

2 things:
1. Obama has never admitted he is of Islamic faith. This was chopped into the video.

2. When I think of all the ways he has disrespected so many sects of Americans, creating conflict, dissension and division, and then watch him in this video, I gain greater insight and perspective about the man who is our President.

His passion, admiration and reverence when speaking about the people of Islamic faith and Middle Eastern countries, as well as the "Holy Qu'ran", are most revealing.


Anonymous said...

How anyone could vote for a man named Barak Hussein Obama after watching Americans get burned, crushed, and fall to their death is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

I know it must be difficult for many of you to perceive, but elections can be fixed. The media can be (and is) fixed. If people can die in the millions according to (opposing) governments' desires, why is it such a leap to think Obama is soft on our enemies (or worse, is one of them himself?)? Or a leap to think that people are executed in orchestrated events in order to influence public perceptions?

The corruption in our country has reached a new, all-time, fever-pitch level. Black racism is real and encouraged by this administration. Up is down. Bad is good. With all the federal oversight, law enforcement officers are scary and seem to be out of control. No, this is not my country anymore. I just live here.

The American sheeple have been bought and sold -- just like the presidency.

Anonymous said...

Now the speaker tonight is named "Castro".

If your name is quadafi, bin laden, pol pot or Hitler you can expect an invitation to the DNC.