Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will Bridgeport Hospital close?

Can anyone confirm?

I am not in the habit of propagating rumors, but a very reliable source said she was told that WRHS (Decatur hospital) was looking into buying the hospital and either shut it down or provide "other" services in the building.

Several WRHS management took a tour of the facility last week... That doesn't happen for the sake of a friendly visit.


Anonymous said...

I hope not! Had to visit their ER a couple of weeks ago and got great care! Much better than the 3 hours it would have taken in Decatur!

Anonymous said...

It wouldn't be surprising and in the long run it could be the best thing to happen. I say that because I believe the west side of the county needs a medical facility and if the only way to keep BP Hosp open is to sell out, then so be it, even if it means selling to the dreaded competition. With proper marketing and creditors paid, the business of BP Hosp can work, IMHO.

I'll tell you, though, that crow pie won't taste very good for some folks. My advice to them is to hold their nose and chew each bite ten times before swallowing.

Anonymous said...

I was under he impression it was a subsidiary of the hospital in Decatur?

I don't that wrhs can buy them out as much as just shut the doors because there's no way to make money.

Are they two completely different hospitals?

Anonymous said...

Yes, they are two completely different hospitals, separately owned and operated.

No way to make money? If the predators at WRHS take over, profits will be made. BP and western Wise need the BP hospital.

Anonymous said...

I serve on the board of the hospital and I can assure there are currently no plans to shut down.

Anonymous said...

Bridgeport hospital is owned by the doctors that practice there. I would look real close at the history of their surgeon before I had any surgery done there. He does not have a great track record. And I speak from personal experience.

Anonymous said...

Thought maybe I'd get an answer.

Anonymous said...

The Bridgeport Hospital is not owned by any doctors or anyone else. It is a non-profit organization, as a matter of public record, and must answer to its board and its stockholders.

Anonymous said...

4:17- did the penis extension surgery not live up to your expectations?

∞ ≠ ø said...

There is a tacited message in this article.


They've had a da vinci robot for 5 years. Pretty cool.

If you need a doctor with a good track record, go to Kenya.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny Bridgeport hospital in the above article is in Conneticut, not Texas

Anonymous said...

Which hospital would you go to, a winner or a looser?

North Texas Community Hospital
Last updated 04/02/2012
Total Revenue $52,102,728
Net Income $-10,708,655

Wise Regional Health System
Last updated 06/29/2012
Total Revenue $291,263,574
Net Income $-266,817

Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton
Last updated 04/25/2012
Total Revenue $469,894,373
Net Income $7,348,287

Denton Regional Medical Center
Last updated 07/11/2012
Total Revenue $882,501,940
Net Income $-3,695

∞ ≠ ø said...

Oh, THAT Bridgeport Hospital..... hmmmmm. How to recover. Well, there's no fancy overpriced robot surgery there. And perhaps it should be noted that revenue does not reflect quality of care.

New hospital....Lots of land... so if there running behind on the revenue curve they should be able to recover with a mortuary/cemetery service....

What? I'll be it's legal.