Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Appalling News

Fed Leaning Closer to New
Stimulus If No Growth Is Seen

WASHINGTON — A growing number of Federal Reserve officials have concluded that the central bank needs to expand its stimulus campaign unless the nation’s economy soon shows signs of improvement, including job growth.

The question is expected to dominate the agenda when the Fed’s policy-making committee meets next week, with some members pushing for immediate action while others seek to delay a decision at least until the committee’s next meeting in September, so they can see a few more weeks’ worth of economic data. New York Times

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The previous 2 stimulus have not worked, it has actually just made things worse with more debt and inflation.

As the Obamanation's likelihood for reelection decreases, it seems these guys have one last opportunity to print money and send it overseas...bankrupting us in the process.

It's obvious that today's politicians don't know jack squat about how to create jobs and stimulate the economy. If the government would leave American business alone, the economy would correct itself. The headline should read:

"Last Chance for Fed to
Bilk America Before Election

If you don't like what's happening, do more than complain and vote; take action! Don't wait and make our children stand up and oppose these won't work. Their indoctrination at school is creating sheep, not freedom fighters...


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