Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More Appalling News

Examples of how Americans are losing
their freedoms to government...

Crops Die As Government Blocks Wells

This is how to create a food shortage. Government creates a problem and guess who suffers? Will big brother be our savior and fix it or just hand out food rations, like once upon a time in America?

Court Says Gay Rights Trump Religious Rights

Do you remember when American free enterprise included the right to refuse service to anyone?

Man Beaten for Removing Campaign Signs
From His Own Property

This is what our community organizer in chief has called for... aggressive resistance to any values not in line with the liberal, socialist agenda; regardless of your rights. The list of atrocities will only multiply with the freedoms they confiscate, just as when the Nazi party gained power in Germany.


Anonymous said...

Some years ago, I had a heated discussion with an ATF agent over the future of the country. My position was that the most important thing to preserve in America is the freedom the country was based on. The agent disagreed with me, but he wouldn't say why. Another G-man drowning in progressive propaganda. BTW, he was not a Texan by birth. Is that important? Damn right it is.

Anonymous said...

By gawd but this is depressing.

Anonymous said...

Well honey, you just go on and get depressed while the country continues to slid into 3rd world status. Are you ready for what they have in store for us?

Rex Kramer said...

The right of business owners to pick and choose their clietele died a long time ago.

The word discrimation comes out and it is game over.

Fringe groups coalesce, hold a few rallies, and all of a sudden they are a suspect class who are only trying to fight for their "equal" rights.

Anonymous said...

The ATF is the special needs child of federal law enforcement. It needs watching, closely.

Anonymous said...

Hell yeah I'm ready for it. We've had the hope now its time for the change!

It's taken this long to shake the B.S. Bush left us with.

It's time for democrats and minorities to take over...no matter what it takes.
We are tired of getting stepped on!!

Anonymous said...

We are all tired of getting stepped on by trolls, that's for sure!