Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Earth: A Breathtaking Place

Keukenhof Tulip Gardens, Lisse, Holland

Thors Well, Cape Perpetua, Oregon

Terraced Rice Field, Yunnan, China

Son Doong Cave, Vietnam

Six Senses Yao Noi, Thailand

Sea Caves, Benagil, Portugal

Salt Desert of Uyuni, Bolivia

Portillo Ski Resort, Chile

Pamukkale Travertine Pools, Turkey

Lucca, Italy

Lofoten, Norway

Lake Powell, Utah

El Escorial, Madrid, Spain

Dunns River Falls, Jamaica

Cenotes, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico


The Donald said...

Far out!

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to figure out Thors Well. Looks like a time lapsed photo.
Think I'll wiki it right now.

jay son said...

are those just the spots obama has already vacationed in, or the places he plans for me to send him if re-elected?