Friday, March 30, 2012

Today's Most Appalling News

Obama Requests $770 Million
to Fight Global Warming Overseas

( – The Obama administration has requested $770 million in federal funds to combat the effects of global warming in developing countries, a new congressional report details, continuing its policy of using foreign aid to combat the effects of global warming in the developing world.

The figure, from a recent report from the Congressional Research Service (CRS), shows that despite another year of $1 trillion deficits, the Obama administration continues to pursue its policy of using foreign aid funds for anti-global warming measures – known as the Global Climate Change Initiative (GCCI).

I wonder if this is the price for another Nobel Prize for the President?

Why would we continue to borrow money that we don't have so we can give it to third world countries so they can steal it? One word comes to mind by any logical standard: unacceptable!

If I wanted to steal from the U.S. Treasury, this is exactly how I would do it...

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Anonymous said...

This proves that Obama's kind don't understand the value of money. Why should he? It is someone else's money, not his. So what if he wastes it, we have more. (Sarcasm intended for those libs that just don't get it).