Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today's Most Appalling News

Obamacare Will Force 4 Million
To Lose Their Health Plans

This is from the Congressional Budget Office, not some right-wing political group. Feel free to read more at The Hill

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School Threatens to Remove Student
From Honor Society Over Church Work

A Virginia high school is threatening to remove a student from the National Honor Society because she completed her community service work at a local church. Fox Nation

No group in America does more community service work than Christian Churches, but that doesn't count anymore in academics. The "National Honor Society" is now an oxymoron.

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Businessman Threatened with Jail Time
for Flying American Flag

He's only been flying it at that location for 30 years. It's about time our government outlawed and enforced patriotism! Sonsabitches! Article at Fox.

Since turds float, I expect America to detach and sail away any day now...

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Anonymous said...

By Gawd, but this blog is depressing.

Throw in some positives every once in a while.

Maybe, some weather posts or fishing pics or maybe Yu Darvish news or something?