Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mr President doesn't like
being lectured...

Earlier this month, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with President Obama to discuss Iran’s nuclear arms proliferation. It seems the President became angry with the Prime Minister’s message, which was taken as a lecture.

'The encounter enraged Obama, who felt, in the words of one administration official, that "the dignity of the office [of president] was insulted.” The Daily Beast

How can there be any “dignity of the office” of a liar? Whether it is George Bush or Barack Obama, there is no dignity in dishonesty, corruption, greed, narcissism, or even the wars we pursue.

The dignity of the office of the POTUS has diminished with its loss of credibility. This began many years ago, both Republicans and Democrats are responsible.

As the world gets sick of America’s self-seeking influence and its destructive tendencies in their cultures, we are becoming the scourge of the earth. And I don't disagree with them!

Denney Crane


Anonymous said...

I agree..
Americans don't understand the rest of the world does not see us as we see ourselves. We are the crazy people with nukes because we are the only country to EVER use them.

Anonymous said...

I say it is time to pursue isolationism.

Walk softly and carry a big stick.