Friday, February 10, 2012

Wise County Commissioner
Convicted of Theft
by Public Opinion
...fueled by Law Enforcement
& the WC Messenger

I have been asked to serve as a local sounding board on the alleged scandal involving a Wise County Commissioner. Since I seem to lack the good judgment to keep my nose out of other people’s business, I will accommodate your requests; but, as always, I will first share my position, which is subject to change at any time. Please remember, I reserve the right to be wrong!

Based on our problems with Wise County governmental spending, this whole ordeal is similar to hunting mites. Mites are so small they can be found on ticks asses.

Texas finest law enforcement, in its quest to protect and serve, have used their time and talent to hunt mites. No matter their motive or justification, in my opinion it does more damage than good. Just because they may be right does not mean it is in the best interests of our community.

If the people of Wise County really cared about negligence in the use of taxpayer funds, numerous local officials would not hold office.

What happened to the day when officers would just tell you to “put it back” and “don’t ever let it happen again”? If this were a fellow law enforcement officer and made the entire department look bad, would it be handled the same? I think not.

Unfortunately, in their quest to get their name in print, they aired more Wise County dirty laundry to a public that loves drama and condemnation. Truly meaningless, unless you’re looking for recognition and promotion.

As long as you’re hunting mites, time, money and other resources are lost that could be better used hunting pedophiles, rapists, murders, drug dealers and other violent offenders.

I make no excuses for the Commissioner’s alleged actions. We all make mistakes and I have no right to cast the first stone. I believe he should have been allowed the opportunity to make it right without the all the fanfare.

So, feel free to change my mind…or what’s left of it.

Denney Crane


TommyBoy said...

Denney, I won't try to change your mind because I happen to agree with you. What I'd like to do is take it a step further and attempt to discern what miserable cockroach directed the police to begin an investigation in the first place. If that name would surface, all would come to light. So, how about it? Can anybody supply a name?

Anonymous said...

Every employee either private or public who uses his/her time at work to check in or play on theses blogs is guilty of theft, technically speaking.

Wanna go there? I thought not.

RPM said...

I have no proof yet, but I do have a strong suspicion a certain supercop wannabe with a grudge over a pickup truck is behind this.

Anonymous said...

My father did concrete work when I was a boy. He would accept nothing short of perfect when forms were to be set on a specific grade/level. His explanation was if you are off when you start and for what ever reason you get further off then you are going to have a real mess on your hands. I think in the case of Tree House Gate this individual was already off (reference prior employer and sales of "old steaks") and it has only gotten worse as he has gotten more confident/arrogant. As to the waste of time/resources do you suppose the captain of the titanic would have appreciated it if someone would have wasted some time and resources looking into the little bits of ice sticking out of the ocean. My fear is that Tree House Gate may well be like an iceberg we may be just be seeing the little part.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, RPM.

Anonymous said...

Your suspicion is wrong, wrong, wrong. Ross is the closest thing Super Tom has for a friend on the court. I don't know much but I am sure of this.

TommyBoy said...

The rumor mill has it that Terry was indeed given a chance to correct his "accounting error". If that turns out to be true, along with the statements from the affidavit, I can't support him and I back away from my original statements.

Anonymous said...

Why do people like you protect the guilty? Because they are good ol' boys? They man admitted he did what he is "accused" of. He WRONGLY used taxpayer monies for his little playhouse. Wrong.

Anonymous said...

I'm quiet sure he isn't the only one in this county using tax payers money for personal use.

Anonymous said...

I can guarantee he is not the only one using our tax dollars for personal gain. I lived by a county employee who had county equipment on his property and multiple loads of dirt brought in by county trucks. Wonder who paid for that??

Anonymous said...

If it is wrong for one, it is wrong for all. That is what our country is all about. No one is above the law.

Anonymous said...

Where is this "he's not the only one" crap coming from and how does it justify or excuse Ross's behavior? If you have REAL proof of wrongdoing step up to the plate and report it. The cops aren't going to stumble on to very many crimes without some help. Do any of you really believe that this playhouse is the first time Mr. Ross has picked the collective pockets of Wise county taxpayers? If you answered that last question in the affirmative I have some beachfront property in Slidell you might like.