Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Today's Most Appalling News

Biden Lectures Chinese VP

Leave it to Vice President Biden to give a straight-talking toast to China's vice president, and likely future leader, Xi Jinping. “As Americans, we welcome competition,” Biden said during a State Department lunch. “But cooperation, as you and I have spoken about, can only be mutually beneficial if the game is fair. Daily Beast

I truly believe Joe Biden is the most stupid son of a bitch in Washington. How can America ask China to play fair when we set the example of being the most ruthlessly aggressive nation on earth? Unfortunately, he would never have to asked them to play fair unless we were in a position of weakness... DC


And while we're on the subject of fair competition on the world market...

Rejected U.S. Hip Implants Sold Abroad

Johnson & Johnson may have recalled faulty hip implants in the U.S., but they weren't about to let them go to waste. The company sold the implants overseas after the U.S. Food and Drug Administration rejected them in the United States. Daily Beast

And you wonder why other countries sell us damaged goods? Because we have been doing it to them for years and have set the example. If this isn't proof positive that profit comes before the quality of human life, then you need to buy one of these implants for your mother and save some money! DC

Does this make you proud to be an American?


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