Friday, February 17, 2012

Email of the day!

Here's an old saying that seems to apply:

"Creative minds are rarely tidy".

I've used that often to explain my desk/workspace. Although, a picture is worth a thousand words!

William F. Buckley

Nat Hentoff

Albert Einstein

Numb nuts

h/t Gaspasser


Bogeyman said...

denny i nearly fell out my chair good stuff

∞ ≠ ø said...

I look out for clean desks and the absence of evidence of work being done when I'm on job interviews. I've learned never to trust a person with an overtly tidy office.

Here, toady staff applauds "progress".

But this simply won't do.


∞ ≠ ø said...

Double comment. Bad form, sorry.
This just came to my attention.
Empty desk explained.