Thursday, January 12, 2012

Email of the Month
& I wish I said that...

Racism Reality

One of the best lines I've heard lately was from a retired shop foreman at the old Republic Steel plant in Cleveland OH ....when a young black kid was being laid off. The black kid said to the shop foreman: "You're firing me because I'm black!"

The foreman thought a moment and replied "No, we hired you because you were black... We're firing you because you are useless!"

Sounds like a possible slogan for the 2012 election

h/t McMike


Kathleen... said...

Oh, my.....I hope Pres. O gets fired. He's been a morbid embarrassment and detriment to our country.

Sherri Abendroth said...


i can think of lots of reasons to fire him... none to rehire... and none of it has anything to do with skin color