Tuesday, November 29, 2011

News Flash!!!
Denney Crane boycotts Fox News

I have watched Bob Beckel for the last time. I have watched Fox News for 15 years, but after his comments last night concerning Tim Tebow's public display of his Christian faith and Chris Christie's remarks concerning the President, I’m done.

I don’t need Fox News correspondents’ opinions to help me form my own viewpoint, I just need the information; which I can get elsewhere without the drama.

As far as I’m concerned, Fox has turned into an opinionated NBC opposite, under the guise of “fair and balanced”.

I have no problem with Bob’s opinion, nor his passion. My problem is his delivery. He is one of the few people on earth whose ego, arrogance and aggressive behavior eclipses my own.

but I could be wrong...


Doc Feelgood said...

Denney, I'm not following how Fox broadcasting Beckel's idiocracy causes you to say "Fox has turned into an opinionated NBC opposite, under the guise of “fair and balanced”."
The fact that Fox broadcasts both, for example of extremes, Hannity and Beckel, is where the "f & b" line originates, I think. And Fox surpasses any of its competitors because of that, I think, even tho I want to throw a shoe at the TV sometimes.

Anonymous said...

So, what did bob and Chris day?

Kathleen... said...

I agree w/Doc....also, from what I gather, it's not that Beckel is anti-Tebow/Jesus, but rather the casual use of His name on a jersey. Honestly, I'll feel sacrilegiously weird about finding Jesus' Name wadded up in my dirty laundry basket.....jmo