Monday, February 22, 2010

Is this the most accurate graph of the decade?

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Anonymous said...

That little collection of Bullet Points is why I read this Blog..Tiger Woods/Whores/unimportant chick that has sweater meat gets peed on and someone gets taken out by a Tire, while watching Cars..go fast and stay can't pay for entertainment like that my friends..I just spend 4 days hunting 41 miles from the Mexican Border and experianced Rattle Snakes,Awesome Sunsets, Fellowship/ and 4 Illigals whom I gave water and crackers to after a LONG stand off and evaulation of who would die first if the wrong next move was chosen..people are dieing to meet this XD 40 w/ Hornady Taps!!upon the proper questions and I can ASSURE you the proper answers or I would have saved you a touch of Tax money.. and the wonderful time of riding my 1954 Willis Custom CJ3B jeep w/ a Bushmaster .223 aka wackmaster..shooting Jackrabbits, porcupine and ferral Hog to equal Lifes balance, and to continuie to pass along we are higher on the food chain and are able to stand upright!!Sooooo w/ that let Chappy give a very deep Hat Tip (and I mean that in the most Conservative straight R pulling voter you HAVE ever met)to a Blogger that is the Uncle Ted Nugent/Hunter S Thompson guy I have never met but would love to enjoy a Single Malt over a FINE Cigar with..stay hard and keep jammin my friend..