Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Pop term of the day: take a digger

take a digger

1. Commonly used to describe an ungraceful fall.
2. Fall forward or trip and land on one's face
Derived from the volleyball slang- a Digshot is a desperation diving hit that results in a faceful of sand.

I wasn't paying attention and I took a digger when I tripped on the crack in the pavement. I can't believe I fell flat on my face.

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Propagandist said...

Obama and his crew of crooks have become so brazen they no longer even try to hide their douchebaggery. I'm not sure the country doesn't deserve being screwed by these pricks.

I'm damned near to the point of operating under the ethos of, "I've got mine so screw the idiots who voted for Obama."